BA Supply Knows Energy Efficiency

At BA Supply, energy efficiency is a key consideration in every product we sell. As energy costs rise, and energy efficiency drives both building codes and product standards, BA Supply is committed to supplying the latest in energy-efficient equipment and materials, including products for lighting, building management systems, solar power and more.

BA Supply also participates in the U.S. government’s ENERGY STAR® program, which promotes energy efficiency with the ENERGY STAR logo that identifies products with superior energy efficiency. 

BA Supply has the inventory and product depth to supply what you need for new projects and or efficiency upgrades. We keep local inventories to meet your needs today and have access to countless vendor lines to support any project big or small.

BA Supply provides essential equipment and supplies for:

  • LED fixtures, LED retrofit kits, and other energy-conserving lighting solutions
  • Building management systems that automatically reduce energy consumption in unoccupied areas or areas receiving enough light from natural sources
  • Metering applications to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs
  • Offerings of solar solutions for both Residential and Commercial applications including panels, mounting hardware, power walls, and much more

Not only can these products save you money on energy cost in the long term but there are instant savings you can take advantage of as well!  Kansas City has some of the most competitive rebate programs in the Nation on lighting upgrade and solar projects but they will not be around forever.  To find out if your project applies please visit the KCPL website for more details or reach out to your local energy provider.  If you are considering an update and would like to know more about our offerings please give us a call today.

With access to over 140 CESCO locations nationwide and 24-hour emergency service, BA Supply can source whatever you need to complete a project or keep systems and facilities up to date with the newest in energy efficient products. Our experienced and trained staff can help you find the right products or solutions to meet your needs. And with 100 years of service to the industry, you can count on us to be here to serve you tomorrow.